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Home Automation Design & Installation

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Smart home design and installation

We are proudly partnered with Loxone who are world leaders in home automation technology. Using Loxone products we can design, programme and install a home automation system that controls lighting, heating, home entertainment systems, appliances and home security based around your specific needs.

Any home can be transformed into a smart home, whether the technology is added as part of the initial build or retrofitted into an existing home. Our specialist home automation installers are available for smart home design and installation throughout the UK.

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The benefits of home automation

Intelligent connectivity

Your Loxone Miniserver works as your automated home’s central control hub and brain. The Miniserver connects all the components of your new intelligent building creating a home that automatically reacts to constantly maintain a comfortable, safe, and energy efficient home.

Lighting to set any mood

Customised lighting can create the perfect environment for all situations. Combining different fixtures and colours will give you endless possibilities for control in your home. What’s more, you can take control of all this with a simple tap or swipe of a pre-installed Loxone touch sensitive control pad, or right there in the Loxone app.

Temperature control for everlasting comfort

The Loxone Miniserver can maintain your desired temperature on a room-by-room basis throughout your entire home. Add to that, automated responses to external factors such as weather conditions and internal factors such as cooking, and you have a house that can manage your comfort independently.

Shade when you need it

Your Loxone Miniserver will automatically control your blinds to provide the shading you need depending on the position of the sun or wind conditions. Your automated home will never overheat in the summer. In the winter months, however, your blinds will work to allow in the warmth and heat needed to warm your home.

Music like you’ve never heard it before

An automated home can easily playback music in any room to provide a suitable soundtrack for any situation. Wake up to an energetic playlist, cook while your favourite podcast plays in the background, and take your own personal soundtrack with you as you walk around your home. Add to that an integrated doorbell, family PA system, and Loxone audio playback security systems and you have an audio system unlike anything you’ve ever imagined before.

A security system that protects you in many ways

While you’re sleeping, your Loxone Miniserver remains vigilant. Should the system detect an intruder or dangerous environmental factor like a fire, your home will automatically put up all its defences and will alert you via phone, email, and audible voice alerts throughout your home.

Maximised energy efficiency

Loxone automated homes automatically cut off unused power and massively reduce the energy consumption of an average family. This increased energy efficiency saves both money and the planet.

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a smart home automation installation in kitchen and dining room
loxone home automation miniserver

We use world leading smart home technology

Please watch the video below to get a brief introduction into the Loxone Smart Home.

For further information, you can download the Loxone UK brochure here.

Home automation installation case studies

Some of our previous smart home installations in the UK…

Loxone Automated Garden – Caldy, Wirral

Using Loxone to automate this Garden in Caldy, Wirral. All lighting is automatic, light levels drop down to provide some low level light after midnight.  Coloured lighting strip programmed to…

Loxone Home Automation – Malvern, Worcester

A full loxone home automation system on new passive house in Worcester. The lighting, security, heating and blinds were all completely automated a new media system was installed to distribute Sky…

Full Home Automation Project

Full Loxone Home Automation system installation and programming including automatic lighting, heating, curtains and blinds throughout the property.

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you are interested to find out how smart home technology can make your life easier – our home automation experts will be happy to visit you to discuss the various options.

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a room with a hammock and blinds with smart home technology installed

Smart home automation costs

The cost of smart home automation design and installation can vary significantly depending on the size of the property and the features that you would like to include. If you would like our home automation experts to visit your property and provide a quote for smart home automation, you can arrange a visit online or get in touch by email or phone.

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